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Jilibet Bingo Carnaval is an online bingo game that bring the excitement and energy of carnival to your screen. The game features bright and colorful graphics, with a festive carnival theme that include mask, confetti, and streamers.The game is easy to play, with numbered bingo balls called out at random. Players mark off matching numbers on bingo card and try to complete a winning pattern. With exciting prizes and a lively atmosphere, Jilibet Bingo Carnaval is sure to bring the joy and excitement of carnival to your screen.

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Way To Play

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Bingo Carnaval, online bingo game for real money, easy to play, just choose the bet 1-100 and choose the number of cards or panels from 1-4 and press start to allow the game system to run standardized software system. fair and modern fast and easy to use With a chance to win huge prizes with a multiplier of over 1500x, join us to play bingo online.

Game Rules

  • Players can buy 1-4 Bingo cards each round, the more you buy, the higher the chance you get win and bigger prize.
  • Player fill up any line in the picture Players will receive corresponding odds that related to bet of player choosen.
  • If the prize is covered by prize with higher odds, there will have chance to win prizes with the highest odds.
  • Odds are calculated from the unit price of Bingo that related with graphics it need and bet of player choose.
  • After playing 30 balls, if number and amount drawn reaches the specified standard players can buy more extra balls.
  • It up to 10 additional balls tha can be purchased, the amount of each purchase varies depending on the amount of money drawn.
  • For the prize it up to X1500 that player can get the most higher multiplier.

Special Symbols

Bingo Carnaval Wild

Wild Ball

  • Will got chance of Wild ball after being shown. Bingo cards can be clicked to select the desired number that can make player win the higher prize in the game.
  • If the selection is made Wild, the ball will be changed to the matching number. If player didn’t choose the number in 15 second, the highest winning number will be automatically selected by system for players.

Lightning Hit

  • If player purchases extra balls players will have chance to receive a Lightning Hit when this happen after 1-3 extra numbers are randomly added. Those numbers can help player win the Bingo.
Bingo Carnaval Free

There is a chance to trigger free balls during the extra ball purchased and maybe will get the next ball in free.
It also have the same recognized system with Wild Ball. If it has passed 10 Seconds, and player didn’t purchase clicks yet. The system will help you purchases automatically.


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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Jilibet Bingo Carnaval is an online bingo game offered by Jilibet casino. It features a carnival theme with colorful graphics and fun sound effects.

To play Jilibet Bingo Carnaval, you need to first register an account with Jilibet casino. Then, select the game from the list of available games and purchase bingo tickets. Once the game starts, numbers will be called out and if they match the numbers on your tickets, you win.

The minimum and maximum bet in Jilibet Bingo Carnaval may vary depending on the casino’s policies. It’s best to check the game’s information or contact customer support for more details.

The maximum payout in Jilibet Bingo Carnaval may vary depending on the number of players and tickets purchased. However, the casino usually has a maximum payout limit in place for each game.

Yes, Jilibet Bingo Carnaval is available to play on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The game is optimized for mobile play, providing a seamless gaming experience on the go.

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Table of Contents

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