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Dragon Treasure Slot Machine is an online casino slot game made by JILI with a fantasy theme like that. This game features nice visual elements and includes a few fun animations. This slot is offering a gamble game which will give you a chance to double the last winning. Dragon Treasure is a modern version of a special slot game. These dragon treasures are all under your control! No skills are required, the Golden Dragon God guards this treasure house. The dragon soul in the game can smash the crystal ball in front of you. Every time you smash it, your prize will multiply! Dragon Treasure has a wealth of game special effects, which is completely different from other games. The operation is simple but the gameplay is fascinating. Passing levels and multi-round rewards are waiting for you to receive!

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Game Rules

Dragon Treasure Interface
  • Click start to begin the game. Destroy Dragon Balls to win the prize.
  • Winnings = Bet x Odds.
  • Each type of Dragon Ball has different odds and effects.
  • Special function “Give Up” button to choose targets manually.
  • Treasure Ball Dragon Balls do not have regular winning points but will trigger Dragon Soul effects.
  • In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round is considered invalid!

Special Ball

Dragon Treasure Special Ball

Special Ball

  • Getting Yellow Crystal in Main Game, possible to convert Special Ball.
  • Odd x1 ~ x100 random awards.
  • Can be broken with the lightning chain effect.
  • Can be broken with the ultimate On Hit effect and get the multiple.
Dragon Treasure Ball

Treasure Ball

  • There is a chance to appear is regular Dragon Balls are destroyed.
  • Randomly replace one regular Dragon Ball to a treasure ball.
  • When appearing in the lightning chain and ultimate on hit, they must be directly converted to the same dragon soul effect.

Special Symbols

Dragon Treasure Thunder


  • After Treasure Balls are estroyed will activate the Feature Game “Lightning Chain”.
  • Obtained the “Lightning” effect and attack spread to every Dragon Balls.
  • Destroy 2 Dragon Balls at least but has the chance to destroy all and win the bigger prizes.
  • If Treasure Ball is destroyed via the lightning chain would activate a random Dragon Soul effect one more time.
  • Bet chance and Give up are not allowed in “Lightning Chain” mode.
Dragon Treasure Fireball


  • After Treasure Balls are destroyed will activate the feature game “Ultimate One Hit”.
  • Obtained “The Heat” effect and next Dragon Balls will be destroyed definitely.
  • Will gain extra x2, x5 or x10 multipliers before the attack started.
  • Bet change and Give up are not allowed in “The Heat” mode.
Dragon Treasure Golden Shield

Golden Shield

  • There is a chance to appear if regular Dragon Balls are destroyed.
  • All of Dragon Balls are upgraded by one level.
  • Ineffective against Color Ball and Dragon Soul Ball.
  • When appearing in the lightning chain and ultimate one hit, there is a chance to directly convert to the same Dragon Soul effect.
Dragon Treasure Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul

  • After Treasure Balls are destroyed will activate the Free Game “Dragon Treasure”.

Free Spin

  • Acquire the “Dragon Treasure” will activated the free game “Dragon Treasure”
  • Summon the dragon to started with 6 free spins.
  • The dragon every attack will affect all dragon balls in the free game.
  • If Dragon Balls are destroyed will gain and store energy during the Dragon Treasure.
  • Increase the final multipliers by collecting energy, max up 20X.
  • Bet change and give up are not allowed in “Dragon Treasure” mode.


Dragon Treasure Paytable

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Yes, you can win real money playing Jilibet Dragon Treasure if you bet with real money at a reputable online casino.

Jilibet Dragon Treasure has an oriental theme with a dragon as the main character. The game is set in ancient China and features symbols such as crystal ball, special symbols, and traditional Chinese characters.

Yes, Jilibet Dragon Treasure is mobile-friendly and can be played on various devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Yes, Jilibet Dragon Treasure is powered by a random number generator (RNG) that ensures fair gameplay. The game is also licensed and regulated by reputable authorities to ensure safety and security.

The RTP percentage of Jilibet Dragon Treasure is usually around 96%, which is considered to be a decent payout rate for an online slot game.

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Table of Contents

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