Jilibet Secret Treasure Slot: Journey into the Unknown

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Jilibet Secret Treasure is a thrilling online slot game that take you adventure to uncover hidden treasure in unknown land. The game is set against in backdrop of a dense jungle, with temple and ancient ruins in the distance. The game has several exciting bonus features, including free game and bonus game where players can get chance randomly from treasure chests to reveal hidden prizes. With its intriguing theme, exciting gameplay, and potentially lucrative rewards, Jilibet Secret Treasure is sure to appeal to adventurous players looking for a thrilling online gaming experience.

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Game Rules

Secret Treasure Interface
  • Click start to begin the game. Crush Flagstone to win the prize.
  • Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest.
  • Storm Mode Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest / 3 . Each type of Treasure Chest has different odds and effects.
  • Special function「Choose」button to choose targets manually.
  • Golden Treasure Chest without winnings, but trigger Totem Effect definitely.
  • In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of a game to be unclear, that round is considered invalid.

Special Symbols

Secret Treasure Storm Mode

Storm Mode

  • Storm mode need to spend three times the bet in Main Game.
  • Storm Mode will significantly increase the winning chances!!
  • Bet changed is allowed during betting.
  • Both unable in the Free Game : Test of Courage and Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom.
  • Storm Mode Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest / 3 .
Secret Treasure Golden Treasure

Special Treasure

  • Have chances to gain the Special Scatter in each win of Main Game.
  • Collect 3 Special Scatter to summon Special Treasure Chest.
  • Totem Effect of Special Treasure Chest will correspond to Paytable.
  • Effect 1 : Trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom, and winnings multiplied by 5.
  • Effect 2 :Trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom, and winnings multiplied by 10.
Secret Treasure Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure

  • Definitely wins Totem one of RED Totem or BLUE Totem.

Bonus Game

  • If win the three kinds of Treasure Chest, Regular, Golden or Special, which has chance to obtain.
  • There are 2 different Totem effects.
  • Chance to show up by Golden Treasure Chest , and will trigger Free Game : Test of Courage.
  • Chance to show up by Golden and Special Treasure Chest and will trigger Bonus Game: Test of Wisdom.

Test of Courage

  • Win the RED Totem will trigger Free Game : Test of Courage.
  • Summon Hammer of Thunder with 6 Free Rounds.
  • Hammer of Thunder will attack all of the Flagstones.
  • Crush the Flagstone will win the rewards.
  • Crush the Golden Flagstone will accumulate 1 Free Round, but without rewards.
  • If numbers of spin is 0 that will supplement the “Rounds” to Free Spin, and increase 1 multiplier.
  • If crush 20 Golden Flagstones accumulated that will have a highly-chance to trigger “Mega Crush” to destroy all Flagstones on the board next Spin. Repeatable triggered !
  • Free Game : Test of Courage will end when “Free Spins” and “Rounds” both are ZERO.
  • Bet changed and Target changes are not allowed in Free Game : Test of Courage.

Test of Wisdom

  • Win the BLUE Totem will trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom.
  • Trigger Test of Wisdom will win the treasure in the Secret Tomb.
  • Select one of three dolls to crush and win the rewards randomly!
  • If randomly win the rewards multiplied by 1, 3, or 5, that will explore continued.
  • Randomly get multipliers by wheel in each Spin will make winnings increased!
  • Crush the doll without winnings will ended.
  • If wins the rewards in every Spin that will continue to explore, unlimited Free Spin!


Secret Treasure Paytable

Tect Courage

Secret Treasure Test Courage

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Jilibet Secret Treasure is an online slot game that takes you on a journey to discover hidden treasures and uncover secrets.

  • Yes, Jilibet Secret Treasure is mobile-friendly and can be played on most mobile devices.
  1. What are the minimum and maximum bets in Jilibet Secret Treasure?

The minimum bet in Jilibet Secret Treasure is 1 credits, and the maximum bet is 6000 credits.

Yes, you can play Jilibet Secret Treasure for free in demo mode on many online casinos.

Yes, Jilibet Secret Treasure is a fair game, as it uses a random number generator to determine the outcome of each spin.

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Table of Contents

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